After some thought I decided this was the best way to get this information out there to protect other people,

This page contains information about Ebay auctions from BAD sellers.   Feedback is so poorly controlled there is little useful information about actual seller conduct.

This first example involves some disc brakes for my Mustang project.  Read through this carefully.  I try very hard to read each auction for all details concerning condition, shipping and ALL costs including "handling" and shipping fees.  I still cant believe the nerve of some sellers.  Note - the parts did finally arrive after filing charges with Ebay and Paypal.  This seller is still doing business and as of the last time I checked still has no mention of a shipping delay.

-->  No brakes

This one shows how well a seller can BS.  The responses are amazingly calm considering the mounting evidence this seller outright lies.  Charges have been filed.  No book or refund has shown up.  To top it off they are still an active seller even with all the so called protection Ebay provides us. 

-->  Where is my book?

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