On June 14 - 08 i won an auction for a book.

On June 15 I sent payment

Total Amount:
-$8.40 USD Fee:
$0.00 USD Total:
-$8.40 USD Date:
Jun. 15, 2008 Time:
05:29:14 PDT Status:

Item # Item Title Qty Price Subtotal
110261335182 Solar Water Heating by Benjamin Nusz, Bob Ramlow (2006) 1 $4.75 USD $4.75 USD

Shipping & Handling via USPS Media Mail
(includes any seller handling fees):
$3.65 USD
 : --
Total: $8.40 USD

Please note the shipping method.  Not a problem i have done this before with good results.

July 9 - 08 no book.  I had won paid for and received 2 other auctions that same week from other sellers.  Both were shipped Media mail and arrived several days earlier.  So I sent a message asking for some detail about the shipment.  The response on 7 - 10 - 08

Thank you for your email regarding this matter. As your item shipped on 6/17/2008, you should have received it by now. I will research the status of your delivery and let you know what my local post office has to say.
I understand your concern and will get back to you as soon as possible.

And on the 11th

I looked in to your order and was informed by the post office your package is being returned to me for reasons unknown at this time. It usually means one of several things; there was something wrong with the shipping label; either it became scuffed and illegible or a mistake was made on the address.
Typically, sellers wait to find out why a package was returned. If they did not make a mistake when sending, they will not offer free re-shipping. However, your business is appreciated and regardless of the reason I will re-ship your package at my expense. The return process can be extremely slow so I didn't want you to have to wait.
Before I re-ship the item, please confirm your shipping address with me one more time to ensure that I have the correct information on file. Please provide a physical address for delivery and not a PO Box or FPO/APO address.
Thank you for your understanding in this matter. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me again.


So my address is wrong even though i am confirmed and have been here with the same address for many years.  Somehow this seller has managed to perform a miracle and track a media mail package.  Not only that but they have confirmed it is being returned to them??  I have searched the USPS site with no luck on how to track a media mail package.  The local USPS office laughed at me when I asked if I would be notified a medial mail package was being returned.  Hmmm something smells.  :)  Oh  if you do know how to track media mail please let me know.  My response.

You will have to excuse my distrust of this issue.
After reviewing your recent feedback it seems this kind of behavior has become standard activity.

My shipping address was provided by both Ebay and Paypal when you received the paypal payment.
It IS 100% correct and has been for years. I won auctions from several other sellers that same week for other book materials.
ALL of those transactions have been completed in a timely manner using the exact same provided address.
IF this package was shipped media mail (according to the paypal transaction log) there is to my knowledge NO way of tracking it or finding out it is being returned to you?

The address sent to you by paypal is

Appealing Designs
------------, PA 17372
United States

Notice it IS confirmed.


And the response....

Thank you for the update. I'll reship your item asap.

I filed with Paypal on July 10 - 08.  I have not yet escalated the dispute.  I will wait a few days to see if something shows up. 

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