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Good Online Suppliers

Online Metals.com
MSC Direct

Gingery Machines

Lindsay’s Technical Books You do know about this RIGHT ? 
Bill's Home Built Gingery Lathe
Homebuilt Metal Cutting Lathe The silent observer lathe projects

Bruce Metzger's homemade Gingery Miller
Matt's Lathe
David Doman's projects

John.Schwytzer Home Page Lathe, Shaper, Miller, Drill pres - & accessories

Other Home Made Machines

Converted Drill Press to Mill Cross Slide Homemade cross slide
Building a Mill from a Drill Pres Conversion information

Sand Fluffers

http://pacificsun.ca/~andre/andre1/visit1.htm Fluffer and power rammer

Metal Casting

Backyard Metalcasting aka The Lab A Must see !
The Gizmologist's Lair Research on Things You Shouldn't Try At Home
Ray-Vin Foundry Pages MUCH info here - lost foam, hotwire, sand
Home Foundry Foundry + projects
Oldfs Experiments Mini Muller project, Hot Wire
Waste Oil Burner Project & Links Alternative to propane burners
Cheap and Easy Sand Muller 5 gallon bucket, 1/2 hp motor and some wood scraps  !!!!
Charcoal Making charcoal the oildrum way
Nice slide show about sand casting
A home made Die casting machine
Duncans Metal Pages Foundry, Lathe, Lots o Links, Great Projects
Heat treating Aluminun Castings

Online Resources Mostly PDF

Modern Machine Shop Practice Vol. 1 Workshop Appliances
Modern Machine Shop Practice Vol. 2 The Practical Metal-worker's Assistant
The Advanced Machinist, a practical and educational treatise Pattern-making
  Engineers' and Mechanics' Pocket-book
Lots of old stuff from South Bend, etc  

Power Hacksaw

Several Homemade Saws 4 saws & general info.

Hot Wire Foam Cutters

A really Nice Design Does include popups
Foamcutter from the bush This is a PDF link  !!
For those who have everything else ;)
HobbyCNC Parts, Kits, plans

Machining - Info & Hobby Sites

Mini Lathe Workshop LOTS of projects here
Alan's Machine Works 9x20 lathe, mods, accessories, foundry

Jacobs Drill Chuck Repair How to take them apart and fix them

Wood Working

American Woodworker Fine Homebuilding
Cabinetmaker Magazine Fine Woodworking
Journal of Light Construction CWB and W&WP
Modern Woodworking Popular Woodworking
Wood Digest WOOD Magazine
Woodshop News Woodsmith
Woodworker's Journal Workbench Magazine
Wood Digest

Online Discussion Groups

These are some groups I own, Co-Own, or help Moderate.

They are all open groups.  Anyone may join, everyone is encouraged to participate.  New members are moderated to prevent spam.  Moderators are there to keep things basically on track and keep out spam.  We do not control the topics or their content.  The occasional off topic posting will happen.  It lets us get to know each other a little better.   We do not allow spam, politics, religion or porn.  You can get that many other places.

The Archives are "zip" compressed files. They should contain the complete material from the specific archive.  I did some cleaning of garbage files.  Message archives are in the form of mbox files.  Windows users will need an mbox reader to access these files.  Such as Windows MBox Viewerr  ...

OLD Yahoo groups archives

Replacement Groups.io

AA_109_Lathe_Users_Group --  Archives = Messages - Files - Photos

castinghobby  --  Archives = Messages - Files 
drillmill -- Archives = Messages - Files  
gingery_machines -- Archives  = Messages  -  Files  - Photos   Gingery-Machines@groups.io
 Archives from sister Groups = Files-1  Files-2  Files-3  Files-4  Files-5  Files-6
hobby_mills --  Archives - Messages - Files
  Mini-Mills@groups.io  Yahoo Archives = Messages - Files
Mini_Mill_Hobbiest   Mini-Mills@groups.io 

Prints_and_Plans -- Archives = Messages

 Archives from sister Groups = Files-1  Files-2  Files-3  Files-4

Other groups may be of interest

casting  -  erdocuments -- Archives = Messahes - Files
mwhints -- Archives = Files
Shopsmith10ERusers -- Archives = Messaes - Files
mwhints2 -- Archives =  Files
hobbymachine Vacuum_forming_Injection_molding
mlathemods shopbuilttools
mwmills plansandblueprints
mwlatheideas creativewoodturners


Budget Casting Supply Prices INCLUDE shipping  !!!
McMaster-Carr Lots of metal working stuff.
Purity Alloys Info on Zinc and ZAMAK alloys + Ingots

General Information

Technical Papers   From BCS several good articles

Make your own charcoal

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