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9 x 20 DC motor modification

One of the many popular projects for this lathe is the installation of a variable speed motor.  Several reasons for this mine was a slower speed for threading.  There are 2 basic ways to do this.  The first is an AC motor and VFD (variable frequency drive)  This is probably the best solution as the components are solid and stable.  It is also the most expensive as the drive can cost several hundred dollars.  Although there are some newer drives that have reduced that cost.  The second option is DC motor and DC controller (drive). This is popular because DC motors are easy to scrounge and there are many DC drives available to suit different budgets.   I chose to do things a little different than the usual treadmill motor scrounging.

A pic of the motor I used.  It is a LEESON  TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled).  I selected this motor because it is closed.  This will keep all the chips from getting inside and shorting out an open motor.  Many of the treadmill motors are open and require some form of chip guarding.  Its a good solid motor from a well known manufacturer.  It was also a good price about as much as purchasing a replacement treadmill motor on the surplus market.  It did have 2 drawbacks though.  It was originally designed as a pump motor.  This means it has no mounting foot and a large flange on the shaft end.  I can fix that.  :)



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