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ER 32 MT3 collet chuck for the 9x20 lathe

This project came about when I ran across some ER 32 collet chucks with 1" straight shanks on Ebay.  I had been looking for some kind of spindle upgrade for my Metal Mill Project.  The usual MT3 or R8 wont fit in that machine.  There was some talk on the 9x20 group about collet options and ER 32 seemed to fit the bill.  The pic at the right shows the 2 straight shank chucks I picked up cheap as a pair.  Guess no one else wanted them.  The catch they came with 1 collet.  Some searching showed collet sets are expensive.  I also found an Ebay seller who sells a set plus the ER 32 MT3 chuck.  This was the least expensive method of getting the collets.  I figured the chuck would always work in the Lathe so took the chance on quality.


This MT3 collet chuck does not come with a draw bar.  You will need one to keep the chuck from spinning in the spindle.  The chuck is threaded 1/2" x 13 tpi on the back end.  I used a piece of 1/2" althread and a flange nut to make a draw bar.  Its not pretty but works well.


Initial testing of the chuck amazed me.  Considering this is an obvious import and its cost I was expecting OK performance.  Set up a test bar and found 0.0 or NO run out.  I reinstalled that test bar several times and also used other collets with test bars.  I got the same readings. 


I use it when making bushings.  It gives far better results than the 3 jaw chuck.   

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