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After spending some time with the TS Engineering QCTP I knew there had to be something a little better.  Most of the advice in the lathe groups pointed to either the Phase II or the knock off version from Harbor Freight Part#  39083

Comparing the two there was supposed to be little difference.  However some had claimed the Harbor Freight pieces were less refined then the Phase II.   The Phase II was only $10 more from Enco.   Santa must have thought I was a good boy since he left me one for Christmas in 05.  :)

It comes with a stud and plate to mount in the T slot of the compound slide.  Since the 9x20 does not have a T slot we need to make accommodations.  There are several ways to get it done.  Many just remove the stock 9x20 stud and drill Tap for the larger Phase II stud.  I was not excited about that because I wanted to be able to use the stock 4 way tool post and the TS Engineering QCTP.   Hey you never know?  :)

My solution was to machine a combination replacement sleeve and nut.  At the time I had no choice for stock.  What I found was a 1" bolt.  I machined the middle portion the exact outside dimensions of the sleeve in the tool holder.  The bottom part was turned to slip into the bottom of the tool holder.  It was then bored and threaded to fit over the existing compound stud.  Removed from the chuck and test fitted over the stud.  :)  The catch - it was tight.  The stud in the cross slide started to spin in the casting.  A small dab of lock tite fixed that problem.  I mounted the shank in the chuck and turned the bolt head at approximately the same angle as the Phase II part.  The handle is 1/2" CRS 3" long with a small taper.  Threaded into the bolt head.   
Here is is mounted on the lathe.  You can see the short handle does not interfere with the release handle.  It does give plenty of leverage to tighten down the block.  So far it has been very stable.  I did have some reservations about the stock stud being heavy enough.  

Some notes.

The Harbor Freight set comes with a drill chuck.  The Phase II does not.  I did not see this as a big deal.  Still not exactly sure what need I would have to mount the chuck??

You will need an 8mm x 1.25 tap to match the existing stud.  Get a good one as the cheap import I had was not hardened and simply squished when I tried.  The American replacement piece was a complete joy to use.  I used the same tap for the hole to mount the handle.  

IMPORTANT - This set up will use tooling up to 3/8".  You can NOT lower the tool holders enough to use 1/2" tool bits.  The tool holder will hit the top of the cross slide.  The solution is to mill the top of the cross slide.  1/2" tooling is big for this lathe.  All you will accomplish by using it is spending more of your hard earned money.    I have a set of Harbor Freight carbide tool holders with 3/8 shanks also available from Enco.  They work just fine.  I also use HSS tool bits 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8"  I keep the 1/4" bits in the TS Engineering tool holder for small work.  See I knew there was a reason to keep the stock stud.  :)

The knurling tool holder works fine for holding a cutting tool.   It does not work well for knurling because ir requires to much force to do its job.  Plan is to use the wheels in a homemade scissors type knurling tool.


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