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The second addition to the lathe was the Quick Change Tool Post( QCTP).   At this time I done have the funds for a larger Phase II so I looked for other options including making my own.  Since my skills are still limited and I don't have a mill I figured I better purchase something.  The Usual Ebay hunt didn't turn up much.  Then one day I found this one advertised to fit the 9x20 and several other auctions claiming they will fit Mini lathes, Craftsman and more.  So I waited till a good deal came along.  :)  

Littlemachineshop,com now has these in stock if you need one now.  

There is also a review on MiniLathe.com

First impressions were very positive.  It was shipped fast and came well packaged.. The parts are very well machined and it fit right on with no modification to the lathe.  My set came with 4 holders.  2 for holding turning tools, one for parting and one boring.  The fit was excellent and adjustments are very easy.

After using this piece for several months I have decided it is just to small and light for the 9x20.  It is probably a perfect fit on a Mini Lathe.  Below is a picture of what happened when I lost track of what I was doing.  While machining a cast iron weight there was a crash.  The tool gouged the weight and broke the tool holder.  I am not exactly sure what happened, it was over before I could blink.  Since cheap weights are not known to be good quality I think I hit a hard spot.  Then the tool post flexed and  bit grabbed the weight.   Now I don't blame this on bad materials or bad engineering.  It was clearly my fault.    Yes this was part of my decision to upgrade to a larger tool post.

I will keep it to use for small work.  It should be a great fit on the Gingery lathe once I resurrect that project.


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