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My saga of the Gingery machine shop

I like many have wanted some metal working equipment for years.  The usual story of family and financial obligations just kept getting in the way.  So I broke down and purchased most of the Gingery books.  My only previous experience with casting was a simple project in junior high many years ago.  After building my version of the electric kiln I was on my way

The Lathe first attempt.  :)

Another one of life's wonders presented its self and I decided to purchase a Lathe so I could complete some projects instead of building machines to complete projects.  I had gotten some what frustrated with the details in building the lathe and felt I might benefit from some smaller projects before building an entire machine.  

During my learning process I always look for ways that might simplify the Gingery process.  One of the ideas I have involves building a simple hand Shaper machine that should greatly reduce a lot of the hand work in prepping the castings.  At the moment its in my head.  I hope to build the machine this summer (2007).  

The Hand Shaper

The NEW Lathe

The Shaper

The Mill

The Accessories  -  Dividing head and other fixtures

Notes and thought to consider.



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