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9/7/03 - Crazy as it might seem.  Here I go again.  Yes I know I haven't finished the lathe yet.  When I first ordered the books I didn't order the shaper.  Early on in my education of metal work I couldn't see much practical use in a home shop.  There seemed to be little mention of them in home shops.  Since then I have learned a lot about making chips.  I have reviewed my thinking and decided that I do want to build this machine.  Some more research shows that a comparable Southbend or Atlas would cost around $600 and need some work to get running.

As usual I cant just do it.  I have to modify it.  The plan is to make a 1.3 scale version of Gingeries shaper with several modifications.  The biggest being the motor and counter shaft design changed to look like the Atlas and Southbend models.  I will also be casting a base to mount it on instead of the feet Gingery uses, as well as a different table design and vise.  Gear drive has also not been ruled out.  The plan is to make a full scale drawing of my design this winter and start building patterns in early spring 2004.   For some great info on shapers, check out the Metal Shapers group on Yahoo.

Follow along as I complete this project.  I hope to provide some useful information and detailed pictures as I go along.  I also have some plans to simplify some of the steps and some upgrades to address some of the limitations.   If you have any questions or a suggestion feel free to send me a message.

2 - 3 - 08  Some discussion on the Gingery group about shaper building.  I picked up this bearing assembly when I was planning the shaper build.  I have no Idea of its original source or purpose.  The price was good.  :)  An alternative would be a spindle housing from a lawn mower deck.  I have seen new ones with shaft and bearings go cheap on Ebay.  This one has a 7/8 shaft about 5.25" long.  The aluminum housing is about 6.5" diameter with a 4.5" diameter step.  The shaft runs in bearings instead of bushings listed in the book.  This would replace the casting that holds the bull gear (40 tooth sprocket) and the table feed advance mechanism. 


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