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Home made Surface grinder

This machine was built in 2004 by Bill Collins.  I want to go over the machine do some modifications and fine tuning.  I have wanted a tool grinder for a long time.  Something to handle saw blades, planer and jointer knives and be better at handling grinding of HSS tool bits. 

There are a LOT of options for sharpening blades, bits and mills.  Grizzly has their blade sharpener as does Delta, Jet and every other wood working supply.  Harborfreight has their saw blade sharpener.  There is the Quorn Timker and a host of other options.

These tools are probably all wonderful to own but not economical.  My plan was always to build a one stop sharpening center.  I had planned on using one of the import cross slide tables. When Bill decided to sell his machine and made a deal I couldn't pass up a lot of the work had been done for me.   :)

I plan on doing some documentation on the construction with dimensions as well as my modifications.




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