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This is where I will be showing the restoration and modification of a 1965 Mustang convertible.   It has been a long term dream of my wife to own a convertible.  When I started looking for a street rod project she suggested I look into another Mustang.  We have not owned a Mustang in a couple years and I thought it might be a good time to fix that problem.  :).  So the hunt began.  I quickly learned that early convertibles were going for crazy prices.  Even cars that at one time would have been scrapped.  With a little luck from a friend of a friend I was able to locate a previously (poorly) restored  car.  Its owner was looking for a good heavy duty truck to do some towing.  So I sacrificed my 79 F350 Camper Special for an even trade.  This will be a long term project and "will" change over time.

Current plans as of June 2018

  1. Convert the car to V8 5 lug wheel pattern with 8" rear and 66 5 lug spindles
  2. Convert to 4 wheel disc Brakes
  3. Install an overdrive transmission
  4. Upgrade the I6 200 to a small block V8  ?? or not   :)

Each link below will take you to detailed information as I go along. 

  • Here is where it all started
  • Buildup of the 8" axle assembly - with small bearing disc brakes
  • 66 Mustang spindles with original "repro" Kelsey Hayes Disc Brakes
  • New power brakes  booster, master cylinder, proportioning valve and lines  ->  MustangSteve
  • Convert stock power steering to Borgeson power steering  ->  Borgeson
  • Convert to 66 wiring harness

Some other related materials and links


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