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So what's this page all about?   This is my solution to finding the latest activity on my WEB site.  

As I make changes or add new material I will put a link and description on this page so it is easy to keep up with the activities.  Click the date in the description to get the info for each update.

January 24 2009 Home made surface grinder I picked up
January 24 2009 New (used) Grizzly mini mill has arived
February 3 2008 Finished up the shop made ER 32 collet chuck.
February 3 2008 Review of the ER 32 MT3 collet chuck
February 3 2008 Several small changes to mymill, gingery shaper pages plus others.
December 10 2007 Added some more 9x20 mods finally.
December 9 2007 Homemade  ER 32 collet chuck started
October 7 2007 Added some build info for this project.
September 27 2007 Started a CNC router build project
August 25 2007 Added links to Ammco shaper docs
August 25 2007 Fixed some broken links
August 8 2007 Added some info on homemade sand blasting cabinet
August 8 2007 Started info on my 65 Mustang convertible restoration
January 26 2007 Finished moving the Hobby pages to this new site
April 8 2006 I made my first gear  :)
April 8 2006 Added some more info to the mill page
April 1 2006 Info on the 9x20 tumbler reverse.
April 1 2006 Phase II QCTP for the 9x20 lathe 
March 23 2006 Updates to the AMMCO shaper pages
March 22 2006 Added info on the Shopsmith metal mill project
Aug 17 2004 My New AMMCO shaper to arrive soon for restoration.
May 10 2004 Vibrating polisher is earning its keep Walnut shells are here.
May 10 2004 More info and first impressions on the Grizzly 9x20 lathe
April 14 2004 Added info on my homemade Vibrating parts Polisher 
April 10 2004 Added a My Projects page to show the stuff I'm working on
March 01 2004 Added a page about converting a Shopsmith to a home made mill 

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