Another project I have had done for a while.  Nothing fancy and no "plans" or drawings.  Just some basic measurements and concepts you may find helpful to build your own.

Several years ago I picked up a pressure blaster to do some odd projects.  It works quite well except for the mess it makes.  When I picked up the Mustang I could see the future.  Me standing in piles of loose sand, flying all over, getting on and in everything.  Most importantly the boss being upset with all my mess.  I knew a blasting cabinet was needed.  Plenty of options from the usual importers like Harbor Freight as well as good US options like TP Tools  The usual catch applied, cost and not exactly what i wanted.

Some Google searching found a modified dish washer, 55 gallon drums and even a card board box.  Again not exactly what I wanted. TP Tools has a nice kit called Build Your Own Cabinet for about $100.  Contains the basic parts and instructions on a moderate sized set up.  But I "needed" something a little bigger.  :) 

Just a shot from the front.  Its 5' wide inside.  I used a 4x5 piece of 1/2" ply wood for the back.  There are 2 sets of gloves.  These are just replacement gloves from Harbor Freight for the blasting cabinets. I cut 8" holes in the 1/2" plywood door.  Then inserted 8" pipe flanges from the heating section of your favorite hardware store.  The gloves slide over the outside of these flanges and are clamped on with big hose clamps.  The window is salvaged glass from a "window"  :)  you can see here the bottom is tapered towards the center.  This is where the sand lays.  Its tapered front to back and side to side.  The idea was to allow the sand to naturally fall in the middle for pick up.  It works about half.  Steeper angle would make it better.

Here it is open.  Its HUGE in there.  I should be able to get the entire hood from the 65 Mustang inside.  As well as the doors and fenders.  The window and glove sections are both hinges.  All the doors are sealed with 1/2" weather strip tape.  The rubber kind not the foam.  I put in a couple 1/2" conduit bars front to back.  There is a grate that lays on top of these.  I don't know where I picked up that grate.  You can get wire mesh in the concrete section of all home centers.  You can also see the gun.  its nothing fancy just a cheap "blast out of a bucket" gun.  I did originally try using a 1/4" flex air hose.  BAD idea not enough air for media pickup.  Also the pickup tube like to stand up not lay flat.  You can see in this shot the stone guard from the Mustang project. 

A shot from the end.  I added small doors on each end in case I wanted to do something long like an axle housing?  Hmm  I also added a window at each end.  One thing I didn't like about the commercial units is how dark they all were.  Its some plexi glass and on the inside I put a piece of window screen to help keep the flying sand away from the plexi. Its about 2' wide.  Standard 2x4 frame construction.  It sits on a set of wheels and a set of swivel casters.  Rolls around the shop pretty well.  Even out in the yard for fresh air and less cleanup.  :)
  On top is another window,  Plexi again.  I had a fluorescent light up there till it went bad.  It worked great puts in a LOT of light.
  So far no fan or recycling set up.  That's on the to do list.  So is a nice paint job and some locks for all the doors. 


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