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CNC controller - Power supply

OK so we have some drives and some motors.  They need power from some where?.  But how much, what voltage, what amps?   

The Gecko G201s I purchased say they need 24v DC to work.  They can handle up 80v DC and up to 7 amps. 

You need to calculate your power requirements. Gecko has a nice white paper on how to do this and much more.  You should down load this read it and then read it again.   There is a lot of usefull info here even if you are not using Gecko drivers.  You also need to know the specs for your motor.  In particular the Amps per phase and the voltage. 





I searched all of my stock pile of parts.  No luck finding anything big enough to put out minimum 24V at about 8 amps.  What I figured I would need to power 3 of the motors I ordered.  Also no luck finding something to make individual supplies for each driver.

Off to Ebay.  I wanted something in the 36v DC range.  There are options If you are willing to spend $100 or more.  I am not.  Looked at buying parts to build one.  Again about $100 till its all delivered.  If all else fails I will break down and order one from Keling

In the mean time I did find  a nice Tamura Switching Power Supply- Model OVS-24G-UC  Specs say it puts out 24 to 28v DC at 6 to 8 amps.  I had bid on 2 units but ended up with only one.  Not sure how because the other bidder payed the same as me and bid after I did, still won???


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