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Below is a basic site map. All of the main pages are listed. 

The Whats New, Projects, Notes and Links pages will contain detailed links to the materials found on those pages. 

  1. Whats New - Latest updates to the site
  2. Projects - Listing of projects completed and in progress not found in a specific catagory below

        CNC Router Build

  3. Metal working
        9x20 Grizzly Lathe
            DC motor conversion
            Tumbler Reverse
            TS Engineering QCTP
            Phase II QCTP
            Solid Plinth
            4 Bolt clamp
            Ball turner
            Compound replacement
            Cross slide modification
            Tail stock modification

            ER 32 MT3  collet chuck review

            ER 32 collet chuck Shop made
        AMMCO Shaper
            Electric Furnace
            Electric Kiln
            Oil Furnace
            Lost foam casting
            Mixtures for refractory, sand, cores, ....
        Gingery My Introduction
            Lathe first round
            Metal Shaper
            Metal Mill
        My home made Mill
        My hand shaper 

  4. Wood Working
        Shopsmith E/ER
        Parts for sale
  5. Notes
  6. Links

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