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Yes it is a Shopsmith a very old one.  Stay tuned as I restore and upgrade it.  There will also be some home made accessories designed for it and I might even produce some castings to allow adapting tooling from the newer models. Cant wait check out this site to see a restored machine with some upgrades or to find some parts.

My 10E

My 10ER

The machine before I started

Most of the parts for an ER.  Some are from the E I haven't cleaned up yet.

A view of the progress to date.  Everything was cleaned primed and painted Grey.  Not the original SS color but it works for me.  Yes the tail stock is on the wrong end.  This one has the MT bored directly in the casting.  It also doesn't have the slots the extension bracket rides in.  No, I haven't done the motor yet.  I have 2, 1 blows the breaker :( and I needed this one to get things running.  Some of the usual accessories arbors, face plate, sanding disc, tool rest and wrenches.  I don't believe the quill handle is original? It doesn't have a round ball grip, more flat.

The business end.  Yes that's a second tail stock.  It's from the ER and so is the extension table.  This one has a 1" hole for the bolt with the MT bored in it.   I will be looking for an extension to fit the other tail stock.  The fence is in the pic of the un-restored ER.  It's up and running, probably needs  new bearings, but runs pretty good so far.  Look close at the grey pieces under the motor.  They are pulley patterns for  a reproduction speed changer ;)  Stay tuned as I complete that project.  I may make them available for sale IF I can get it working.

Some PICs of the base assembly I am working on.  It is the same size as the top, but has feet on the ends for extra stability.  The 2 legs in the upper PIC are heavy for support.  There will be some filler to extend them out to each end and a door on each end to house some shelves.  There will be a caster system that sits in the box on each end.  I will be able to raise it up to move it and lower it off the casters for stability.  Above the casters will be some shelves/ drawers to store parts like drill bits I need when in drill press mode.  The center is open at this point but will eventually be closed in with shelves/drawers for more storage.  Its all Oak and will be heavy, but I am pretty sure the caster system will make it easy to move ;) ?

A basic sketch of the base.

This is the front of the base.  The 2 white spots are drawers and the open spot under will be a shelf with door.  The white spot on the right is an open hole that will house switches for turning off the power to the entire base and control a separate outlet that I plug the shopvac into for dust collection.  The top photo is the other side and has the open spot for the outlets controlled from the switches.  I will plug the SS into 1 of these outlets.  Will also have a fuse for protection.  Yes there will be Oak fronts on those ugly white drawers :) I am also making Walnut handles to open them.

This is the same end as the switches.  There is a drawer on top with a door and shelf yet to come.  The open section on the bottom is where I will put the caster system.  The other end only has a door and caster opening.  Still need the casters and leveling feet.  Now I should have taken a PIC of the pile of scrap (crap) Oak I started with.  This whole thing is solid Oak with 100 year old pine bead board for panels.  None of it was fit for making furniture but ok for this :)  So far the SS is heavier than the base.

Differences between an E and an ER. At least on mine



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